Born and raised by a small group of artists, Sons of Camilla was created to give artists who like to draw the male figure a space to get together and find each other.
Nowadays, it has become a colourful place with a wide array of contributors all focusing one thing: celebrating male beauty!
Browse the hashtag to find new artists and tag your own drawings of somber men with #sonsofcamilla in order to be seen!
Don't know what to draw? Don't worry! We host different events throughout the year to keep everyone's creativity flowing. Follow @camillaroeder for any news concerning the hashtag.
Our one rule:
If you do nudity, please keep it classy! Sons's aesthetic is not about showing off a six-pack in compromising poses but finding more answers to what male beauty is. Apart from that there is no limit to your creativity!

My drawing also includes women, what should I do?
If the character is a central element, we won't fault you but would prefer you leave out the hashtag.
Sons was created to have a space where artists who focus on the male figure can gather and find each other. Thus we try to keep the tag male-presenting-character-centric.

My character is non-binary / trans / somehwere else on the gender spectrum, can I post drawings of them?
Yes they're all welcome. We're all here to try and answer the question: What does male beauty mean to us?

I want to use your prompts, but I draw women, can I still use them?
Yes of course!
Just leave out the #sonsofcamilla hashtag in your post and you're all set :)
If you want one of the organisers to still see your post, tag their username! We share all kinds of posts to our stories.

Can I use the prompts after an event has ended?

Can I do prompts out of order?
Yes you can. Although I would recommend trying to do them on their designated day.
Sharing an interpretation on the same day as others generally creates a bigger sense of community between you and your peers.

Stories Spun By the Sea
3 prompts

Seaspun is our own version of #mermay without the limitation of having to solely draw mermen. The small number of prompts allows you to work on more elaborate pieces throughout the month.
Each prompt has the length of a sentence.

#sonsofcamilla Edition
31 prompts

Join us for spooky month! This year will already be our sixth run. Here's a small taste of our Day 1 prompts throughout the years:
2018: Hidden Eye
2019: Crowned King
2020: Exoskeleton
2021: "Honey, What's Wrong?"
2022: "Son of Stars"

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